SipASip Paper Straw is made using the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper materials and Food and Drug Administration FDA accredited paper. The SipASip paper straw is manufactured in Taiwan at International standard facilities to produce.

Pure paper board in 3-layer thickness and paper weight is 300gsm in Cocktail Straw, Regular Straw and Jumbo Straw. XL Jumbo paper weight is 355gsm. All has passed soggy test and rigid rim and straight for drinking.

The following is the size the of paper straw.

Size (Dia. X Length)  Application Paper Weight
06 x 135mm Cocktail Straw 300gsm
06 x 210mm Regular Straw 300gsm
08 x 210mm Jumbo Straw 300gsm
12 x 225mm XL Jumbo Straw (Bubble Tea) 355gsm